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衍恩堂医药冷敷贴 马来西亚代理

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衍恩堂医药冷敷贴 马来西亚代理 衍恩堂医药冷敷贴

Yan En Tang Medical Cooling Patch-
1, neck, lumbar spondylosis, frozen shoulder, lumbar disc herniation and other patients with waist and leg pain.
2, senile degenerative joint disease, arthritis, bone and joint pain patients.
3, bone hyperplasia (bone spur), ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis patients.
4, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica patients.
5, patients with femoral head necrosis, osteonecrosis, tennis elbow pain and other symptoms caused by a variety of reasons.
6, fractures, pain after fracture reduction, contusion, swelling patients.
7, breast hyperplasia, pain caused by dysmenorrhea patients.
8, vasculitis, varicose veins, nameless swelling and pain, pain caused by late tumor. 

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